When Will Her Triumph Occur?

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Our Lady's prophecy for the year 2000 is of particular concern to many of you. In message #532i, "The Apple of My Eye," Our Lady tells Fr. Gobbi, "I confirm to you that, by the great jubilee of the year two thousand, there will take place the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, which I foretold to you at Fatima " Many had interpreted this to mean that the triumph would occur "before" January 1, 2000, or that the triumph would occur "as a result of" the Jubilee Year. In Italian, the first part of this text reads, "Ti confermo che per il grande giubileo del duemila " The translation of texts is always problematic because of the fine distinctions and nuances of the different languages. I have consulted with Fr. Gobbi about the proper translation of the Italian word "per" into English, and he told me that the only acceptable translation is "during."

Fr. Gobbi continues to maintain that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will occur sometime during the year 2000, and will culminate in the return of Jesus in glory. (He confirmed this in the interview he gave in Rubbio, Italy, in his interview on EWTN's "Mother Angelica Live," and again during our International Retreat in June in Collevalenza, Italy.) He cautions us, however, that the triumph is not like an instantaneous magical trick, but an event that occurs gradually.

The triumph is not to be confounded with the transformation of the heavens and the earth, nor should it be confused with the return of Jesus. Her triumph is the fulfillment of her mission, the acknowledgement by the Church of all her titles, her privileges, and her rightful place in the mystery of Redemption, and finally in the crushing of the ancient serpent's head with her heel (the army of her little ones prepared by her). At that moment, Our Lady's mission is successfully completed and her triumph finally achieved, thus preparing the way for the return of Jesus to establish his kingdom on earth. May it be soon!