Update FROM THE NATIONAL DIRECTOR. of Marian Movement of Priests

May 4, 2002 First Saturday

Greetings in this month of Our Lady!

My apologies for the long delay in updating my page. Much has happened in the Church, and I now want to share a few thoughts with you concerning these events as seen in light of Our Lady's messages to Fr. Gobbi.

The Church is now facing a grave scandal and, as I have been telling the many persons who have called, all of this was prophesied by Our Blessed Mother many years ago when she told us that Satan had entered the Church and would attempt to destroy it:

"Satan has succeeded in entering into the Church, the new Israel of God. He has entered there with the smoke of error and sin, of the loss of faith and apostasy, of compromise with the world and the search for pleasure. During these years, he has succeeded in leading astray bishops and priests, religious and faithful." (495e) "My times have arrived. I also foretold to you the great crisis which would take place in the Church, because of the great apostasy which has entered into her, caused by an ever wider diffusion of errors, by her interior division, by opposition to the Pope and by the rejection of his Magisterium. This most beloved Daughter of mine must live the hours of her agony and of her sorrowful passion. She will be abandoned by many of her children. The impetuous wind of persecution will blow against her, and much blood will be shed, even by my beloved sons." (529jk)

We must not, however, let ourselves be crushed by this. Jesus suffered an ignominious agony and death on the Cross to redeem man. On the third day, he rose from the dead and conquered evil and death forever. The Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, is called to go through this same agony and death, but it will rise more resplendent than ever. We have the assurance and promise that the jaws of death will never prevail against the Church. In the end, Satan will be bound and cast into Hell forever where he will no longer be able to tempt the people of God.

The final chapter is being played out, and our only recourse is prayer, fasting and uniting our sufferings with those of Jesus. We must beseech Heaven to spare our brothers and sisters who are abandoning the Church because of the small number of priests who have caused scandal. Judas was one of among twelve who betrayed Our Lord. Relatively speaking, that computes to a rather large percentage. On the other hand, as reported by many newspapers and other media outlets, the known percentage of Catholic priests who have been found guilty of pedophilia and sexual abuse is less than 2%. The fault does not lie with the institution of the Church, but rather with individuals within the Church who have betrayed their vow of celibacy. These men who have been affected share in the priesthood, but they are not THE PRIESTHOOD. Certainly, the other eleven apostles must have felt extreme anguish over the fact that one of their own had betrayed Jesus; nevertheless, they remained faithful in spite of their fear. So too, we must not let the transgressions of a few shake our faith. We must continue to be faithful to the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. Its founder is sinless and holy, and so is his Church. The holiness of the Church is not affected by the sinfulness of its members. We have the assurance, from Jesus Himself, that His Church will stand firm to the end.

These are the years when our faith, our Church and our world will be shaken to their very roots. There will be great confusion, division, lack of discipline and persecution of the faithful remnant.

".The lack of faith is spreading among its very shepherds, and the flock is being stricken by the impetuous wind of apostasy. Errors are being spread, taught and followed; the sects are multiplying everywhere. Who will still remain firm in the faith in Jesus and his Church?" (586mn)

Will we remain faithful in spite of the grave scandals in the Church which we so love? Will we remain faithful to the Gospel and to the Magisterium of the Church when it will no longer be politically correct to do so? Will we remain faithful to the sacraments when everyone around us will have abandoned them for whatever reason? All these things are allowed by God as a means of purification, for both the Church and the people of God. Will we run away like the apostles did when Jesus was arrested? Rather, be firm in your faith like John and the holy women at the foot of the Cross.

"I am a sorrowful Mother, as I see the Church, my dearly beloved Daughter, prostrate beneath the cross of a most painful agony. How many deny and betray her! How many abandon and condemn her! How many revile and crucify her! Among these are even some of my beloved sons: bishops and priests who repeat and renew the deed of Judas who betrays, or that of Peter who denies, or of the Apostles who flee out of cowardice. You are called to be the new Johns, who remain with me beneath the cross upon which the Church is again being crucified and immolated for the salvation of the world." (535efg)

We cannot avoid the purification since it must, of necessity, come about to cleanse the Church and the people of God. For this reason, the focus of our prayer at this time should be for the protection of the souls who are in jeopardy of "abandoning ship." Satan likes nothing more than to see his work of destruction take root among those who are allowing the scandals to ruin their faith in the Church. We must pray that the least number of our brothers and sisters will experience a shipwreck in faith. Let us heed the words of St. Frances de Sales:

"Those who commit these types of scandals are guilty of the spiritual equivalent of murder by destroying other people's faith in God by their terrible example. But I'm here among you to prevent something far worse for you. While those who give scandal are guilty of the spiritual equivalent of murder, those who take scandal - who allow scandals to destroy their faith - are guilty of spiritual suicide." (St. Frances de Sales.on the scandal caused by so many of his brother priests)

The Remedies: Consecration and Cenacles Once again, I wish to remind you of the two powerful remedies which Our Lady has offered us for these times. For twenty-five years, by means of her messages to Fr. Gobbi, Our Lady has been inviting us to enter into the safe refuge of her Immaculate Heart by means of our consecration. Also, she has urged us to gather in cenacles of prayer which act as lightning rods to protect us from the chastisement. I invite you, therefore, to form cenacles of prayer as Our Lady has requested. I urge each one of you to join a cenacle or to begin one of your own, to pray ardently for our priests. The Adversary with his many tentacles knows that, in attacking the shepherds, the sheep will disperse. Now more than ever, we need to implore Our Mother's assistance in the present situation in which we find ourselves, and the means she offers us as a protection against confusion and apostasy are consecration to her Immaculate Heart and the cenacles of prayer.

At Fatima, in 1993, she said:

"I have wanted you here, to tell you that you must now all enter right away into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart. Just as Noah, in the name of the Lord, called into the ark those who were to be saved from the flood, so now must you, my littlest child, in the name of your heavenly Mother, call into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart those who must be protected, defended and saved from the great trial which has now come for the Church and for all humanity. .My Church will be shaken by the violent wind of apostasy and unbelief, as he who sets himself against Christ will enter into its interior. For this reason, from my shrine at Fatima, I renew today the pressing invitation for you to take refuge in me, through your consecration to my Immaculate Heart, and to multiply everywhere the cenacles of prayer, which I have asked of you, cenacles of priests, of little children, of youth, and cenacles within families." (489c,e,h)

Information about forming a cenacle of prayer

can be found on our website. You may also use our online order form to request a copy of the booklets, "Cenacles of the Marian Movement of Priests," and "The Spiritual Power of My Cenacles."

Our Mother - Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate

How blessed we are to have Our Lady as Mother and Advocate. Let us turn to her, in this month of May, and implore her powerful intercession. In the messages to Fr. Gobbi, she tells us that she will be able to unleash the great power given her by God to crush the head of Satan only when she will be acknowledged by the Church in all of her roles - as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

"Until I am acknowledged there where the Most Holy Trinity has willed me to be, I will not be able to exercise my power fully, in the maternal work of co-redemption and of the universal mediation of graces. For this reason, as the battle between me and my Adversary entered its decisive phase, he tried by every means to obscure the mission of your heavenly Mother." (201f)

For more information, I invite you to follow the link to the document by Dr. Mark Miravalle, "Our Mother, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate, " which we have posted on our website. Copies of this booklet are also available from our Headquarters.

Let us join together in praying for the needs of the Church and the people of God. We implore Our Lady to work great prodigies during this month of May.

V./ Mary, Our Mother

R./ Show us your power.

Be assured that I remain united in prayer with all of you in this time of difficulty and confusion for the Church.

With God's peace and blessing,
Rev. Albert G. Roux